Redefine your style with Aliganto

Our Quality Promise

Our main aim is to support the community in every aspect of our small family business, from people to environment and sourcing the raw material.

We make quality jackets, gloves and accessories that look and feel great and support the common good.

Customer is closet to our hearts.

Our main focus is our customer and we try our level best to ensure how we can offer the highest possible quality and low price for our products. We do not have huge budgets to spend on big bill boards or TV ads, instead we try to reduce the ads costs and pass on the benefit to customers.

We love our planet

To keep our environment safe, we package using recyclable boxes made from 80% or more recycled material. Any leftovers from the glove manufacturing process are reused, sold to craft manufacturers.

Waste is not our friend

We source leather products from trusted suppliers who share our respect to animals and believe in welfare of animals. The vast majority of our garments leather is a by-product of the food, wool and dairy industries, making it a 100% sustainable and renewable resource.

We love to care

From the quality of the leather to every hand sewn stitch, all our garments and accessories have to meet exceptional standards. This attention to detail ensures that we focus to maintain our highest quality of every single garment, when cared for properly, lasts for years to come